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Cronin Counseling LLC

                  Mary Jane Cronin


In-HomeCounseling for  Life Changing Events 

Life Changing Events often happen with little notice. Leaving us un-prepared and uncertain how to handle this "new normal" Everyone wants their feelings and thoughts heard and understood. During these times you may be unsure of your feelings and thoughts. You may not know what to do next.

Are you feeling overwhelmed  by a life change? Change in family responsibilities, change in relationships, or changes at work?

Expectations from ourselves and others can leave us confused and uncertain of the next steps to take to feel better.

Think you could use someone to talk to?   I am hear to listen and working together we can make your life a bit easier. 

At Cronin Counseling LLC  we can develop goals to meet your individual needs. Providing you with tools and information, it is our goal to make your life transition smoother. Self care is not selfish. Taking care of yourself is a gift to those you love and to yourself.